Line Wrench™ by XForce® Tools



Designed and patented in Europe and already a huge seller there. The innovative design of the Line Wrench™ is a must have for any professional mechanic. The Line Wrench™ makes fast work of troublesome fittings.

– Unique patented ratcheting function
– Open and close wrench head with single-handed operation
– Fits completely around the hex of the nut
– Works on rounded and corroded tube nuts
– More pressure applied to tool makes for tighter grip on nut
– SAE and metric sets available, as well as individual
– Double-ended wrenches or open-end on opposite side

Line Wrench™ Sizes:
LW0809FLEX — Line Wrench (8mm and 9mm)
LW1011FLEX — Line Wrench (10mm and 11mm)
LW1213FLEX — Line Wrench (12mm and 13mm)
LW1415FLEX — Line Wrench (14mm and 15mm)
LW1617FLEX — Line Wrench (16mm and 17mm)
LW1819FLEX — Line Wrench (18mm and 19mm)
LW17-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 17mm)
LW19-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 19mm)
LW22-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 22mm)
LW24-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 24mm)
LW27-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 27mm)
LW32-OPEN — Line Wrench (Open and 32mm)
LW111634-FLEX — Line Wrench (11/16 and 3/4)
LW51638-FLEX — Line Wrench (5/16 and 3/8)
LW71612-FLEX — Line Wrench (7/16 and 1/2)
LW91658-FLEX — Line Wrench (9/16 and 5/8)

Line Wrench™ Sets:
LWSETFLEX-IMPERIAL — Imperial Line Wrench Set of 4
LWSETFLEX-METRIC — Metric Line Wrench Set of 4
LWSETFLEX-METRIC6PC — Metric Line Wrench Set of 6