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What’s the fastest, easiest way to replace GMC brake lines?

Sometimes a question can have multiple answers - A, B, C, or all of the above. Or, if someone asks, “Where’re you headed?” The answer could be, “Up north,” “Down the road,” or if you’re a teenager, just plain “Out.” However, if someone poses the question, “What’s the fastest, easiest way to replace GMC brake lines? Well, then forget about multiple choice - there’s only one correct answer and t... read more >

Cadillac Standards are High. EZ-Fit Brake Lines – Even Higher.

For years, Cadillac has symbolized the highest of quality and their latest slogan, “Dare Greatly” embodies their undying commitment to innovative solutions. It only makes sense, then, that when it comes time to replace Cadillac brake lines, it’s done with the highest quality, most innovative brake line replacement solut... read more >

EZ-Fit Brake Line Repair Kits vs. Every Other Kit

It’s that time of year, when wet, sloppy conditions wreak havoc on brake lines, encouraging corrosion and the need for replacement. If you had a dime for every brake line you’ve repaired lately, you could probably retire somewhere warm and tropical and say goodbye to the rust region for good! Well, we might not be able t... read more >

6 Benefits of EZ-Fit Brake Line Replacement Kits

Sure there are several brake line replacement kits you can choose from, and they’re all pretty interchangeable, right? Whoa -- better get a cup of coffee and listen up! You couldn’t be more wrong. There are brake line replacement kits and then there are EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits for popular Chevy, Cadillac and GMC vehicles. What makes them so different,... read more >

Got a Chevy with rusty brake lines? One word: EZ-Fit

Let’s face it, rust is a reality around here, and it often times corrodes Chevy brake lines before their time! We’ll let you in on a little secret: EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits are rust’s worst enemy. No other brake line kits have the kind of corrosion protection that EZ-Fit brake lines have. That’s because only EZ-Fit uses NiCopp technology -- the ult... read more >

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