EZ-Fit Brake Line Kits: Cadillacs Deserve Nothing Less

AGS Company understands the need for streamlining costs and repair time without compromising high standards of quality. That’s why we carry EZ-Fit brake line repair kits for Cadillacs featuring cutting-edge EZ-Bend and NiCopp technologies. These pre-bent brake lines are not only of the highest quality, but they’re also fast and easy to install and provide the best corrosion protection out there. The bottom line? Other complete brake line replacement kits just can’t compare.


Watch how easy replacing brake lines can be with EZ-Fit


Cadillac brake line replacement couldn’t be easier than it is with EZ-Fit kits. Since EZ-Fit pre-fab brake lines are extremely flexible, they can easily bend around parts, so there’s no need for disassembly when installing. They also come pre-flared so you don’t have to take the time to manually cut and flare lines. Everything’s under a single part number, too, and application specific kits come complete with everything you need for the job.


Because the brake lines in EZ-Fit kits are pre-bent and pre-flared, it makes for fast and easy installation. In fact, you can complete the repair 65% faster than a typical complete brake line replacement! As a result, more jobs can fit in your schedule which means more money in your wallet, especially when you bill a flat rate. Plus, EZ-Fit makes it so easy and quick, less training time is needed.


Here in the rust belt region, corrosion is a continuous problem, and nothing wastes time and money like having to make repairs over and over again. EZ-Fit Cadillac brake lines last longer than any other steel brake lines around. That’s because they have black-oxide fittings that offer superior corrosion protection over typical zinc-coated options. Couple that with the ultimate corrosion-proof tubing NiCopp technology provides and EZ Fit Cadillac brake lines can even outlast stainless steel. The fact that they also offer the highest quality machined flares means you can count on leak-proof connections. You won’t find any other brake line replacement kit that even comes close — EZ-Fit kits are just plain better.


Since EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits for Cadillacs are fast, easy, and offer longer-lasting protection, they save garage owners money in labor and repeat repairs, while at the same time help technicians make more money in a less amount of time — it’s a win-win for everyone! Plus, because the kits fit into a 90% smaller box, they need less storage space, cost less to ship, and are easier to handle — an added value you don’t get with any other kit. So, why wait? Shop right here, right now, or contact AGS Company at 800-253-0403.




Cadillac Vehicles on which EZ-Fit Complete Brake Line Replacement Kits can be used: