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What’s the fastest, easiest way to replace GMC brake lines?

EZ Fit logoSometimes a question can have multiple answers – A, B, C, or all of the above. Or, if someone asks, “Where’re you headed?” The answer could be, “Up north,” “Down the road,” or if you’re a teenager, just plain “Out.” However, if someone poses the question, “What’s the fastest, easiest way to replace GMC brake lines? Well, then forget about multiple choice – there’s only one correct answer and that’s EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kits.

Whether for a Silverado, Yukon, or any other GMC vehicle, EZ-Fit brake lines are the go to for every garage that wants to do a good job, but do it quickly. That’s because EZ-Fit kits come pre-flared so you don’t have to take the time to cut and flare them yourself. They also feature exclusive EZ-Bend technology which makes them so flexible you can bend them by hand and route around any obstacle in your way – a lot easier and faster than having to disassemble and reassemble, wouldn’t you say? In fact EZ-Fit brake line replacements can be installed 65% faster than typical brake line repairs. That means you can fit more jobs in your schedule, which means more money in your pocket. On top of all that, EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits are the only kits out there providing the ultimate corrosion protection of black oxide and NiCopp technology. Better protection against rust means reduced comebacks that can often be costly.

Is there a better way to replace GMC brake lines? The answer is a definite, “No!”

Order your EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kit for GMC vehicles right here or call
AGS Company at 800-253-0403. Yep, you can only get EZ-Fit from AGS — what else would you expect from the leader in aftermarket brake lines?


Cadillac Standards are High. EZ-Fit Brake Lines – Even Higher.

EZ-Fit Kit

For years, Cadillac has symbolized the highest of quality and their latest slogan, “Dare Greatly” embodies their undying commitment to innovative solutions. It only makes sense, then, that when it comes time to replace Cadillac brake lines, it’s done with the highest quality, most innovative brake line replacement solution out there — EZ-Fit brake line kits from AGS Company.

Only EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kits combine EZ-Bend and NiCopp technologies for brake lines so flexible you can bend them by hand, and so resistant to corrosion, they even outlast stainless steel. Because they’re so easy to bend, you can route them around anything that gets in your way, and when you consider that they’re also cut to each proper length and come pre-flared, well that makes for much faster and easier installations — we’re talking 65% faster. That saves time, and when you save time, you make money, since faster installations mean you can fit more jobs in your day. In addition, while other brake line kits use zinc-oxide fittings, EZ-Fit kits feature black oxide fittings which offer superior corrosion protection.

On top of everything else, EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits for Cadillacs fit in boxes that are a whopping 93% smaller than competitors, reducing storage space and shipping costs. We think it’s pretty clear: EZ-Fit brake line kits are the all-around best you can get. In fact, one might say, they’re the Cadillac of brake line replacement kits. See what we did there?

Call 800-253-0403 to find out more about the benefits of EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits – the best you can get. As the the leader in aftermarket brake lines, would you expect anything less from AGS?

EZ-Fit Brake Line Repair Kits vs. Every Other Kit

It’s that time of year, when wet, sloppy conditions wreak havoc on brake lines, encouraging corrosion and the need for replacement. If you had a dime for every brake line you’ve repaired lately, you could probably retire somewhere warm and tropical and say goodbye to the rust region for good!

Well, we might not be able to get you all the way to the Caribbean, but we can atleast give you a vacation from repeat repairs and help you collect more money in less time than counting on those dimes! EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kits are the one and only solution to fast and easy installations and ultimate corrosion protection — no other brake line repair kit can compare. Take a look:

EZ-Fit vs. Others

EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits make installation a breeze because they’re pre-flared (Yes!) and feature EZ-Bend technology that allows you to route through obstacles without having to disassemble. You can’t do that with any other kit out there! Quick and easy installs mean you can fit more jobs in your day, and more money in your wallet. Plus, EZ-Fit brake lines come with Black Oxide and NiCopp corrosion-protection, so not only are they easier and faster than other kits, but they’re longer lasting, too. The result? A reduced number of comebacks. Looks like rust has met its match!

Order an EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kit today for popular GM, Chevy, and Cadillac vehicles needing steel brake line repair. Other kits just don’t cut it.

Shop now or call us at AGS Company by dialing 800-253-0403.

6 Benefits of EZ-Fit Brake Line Replacement Kits

EZ-Fit Kit for brake linesSure there are several brake line replacement kits you can choose from, and they’re all pretty interchangeable, right? Whoa — better get a cup of coffee and listen up! You couldn’t be more wrong. There are brake line replacement kits and then there are EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits for popular Chevy, Cadillac and GMC vehicles. What makes them so different, so much better? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are just a handful of reasons why you should choose EZ-Fit by AGS over any other brake line kit out there:

  1. Exclusive EZ-Bend Technology. No other brake line kit has it, so none even come close to the flexibility of EZ-Fit brake lines. You can actually bend them by hand, and route them any which way you need to without dismantling a thing. It’s what puts the “easy” in EZ-Fit.
  2. Pre-flared to perfection. Not only are EZ-Fit brake lines pre-flared for faster installations, they are the highest quality machined flares for no-hassle, no leak connections.  No one likes to manually cut and flare, we know, but please hold your applause, there’s more.
  3. NiCopp technology. Nothing wastes time and money more than comebacks. Well, good news: EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kits provide longer-lasting results because they feature NiCopp technology for corrosion-proof tubing and lines that even last longer than stainless steel.
  4. Black oxide fittings. While other kits use zinc-oxide as a standard, EZ-Fit boosts corrosion protection even more by providing black oxide fittings instead, for superior protection.
  5. Lower shipping costs. Everything you need fits into a box that’s 93% smaller than any competitor, which means reduced costs for shipping, not to mention the amount of shelf space needed for storage.
  6. More time saved and money made. EZ-Fit brake lines are so fast and easy to install, you can do the job 65% faster than you would normally. Now, what could you do with all that time you save? Fill it with more jobs (a.k.a. more money)!

Yeah, there might be other brake line kits out there, but you seen one you seen ‘em all? Not quite.

Get yourself the easiest, fastest, and all-around best brake line replacement kit you can get. Call 800-253-0403 and ask AGS Company about their EZ-Fit kits for brake line replacement in GMC, Chevy, and Cadillac cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Got a Chevy with rusty brake lines? One word: EZ-Fit

EZ-Fit complete kit

Let’s face it, rust is a reality around here, and it often times corrodes Chevy brake lines before their time! We’ll let you in on a little secret: EZ-Fit brake line replacement kits are rust’s worst enemy. No other brake line kits have the kind of corrosion protection that EZ-Fit brake lines have. That’s because only EZ-Fit uses NiCopp technology — the ultimate in corrosion-proof tubing, superior to even stainless steel. Throw in some Black Oxide fittings for increased protection and rust doesn’t have a chance!

To garage owners and technicians, what could be better than long-lasting brake line replacements for Chevy’s that reduce the cost of repairs? Well, what if those brake lines just happened to also be fast and easy to install? EZ-Fit brake line kits are pre-flared and flexible enough to route around objects, so there’s no cutting and flaring by hand or dismantling parts to route the line through. Because of this, installation can occur as much as 65% faster than it would typically. Just think, you can fit more jobs in your daily schedule, which equates to more dollars in your pocket. It just keeps getting better and better, huh?

So, next time a Chevy rolls in with rusty brake lines, grab an EZ-Fit brake line replacement kit and you’ll be done before you know it. And that Chevy? It won’t be back for another brake line job for a long, long time.

Shop now and stock up on EZ-Fit complete brake line replacement kits for Chevy vehicles. By the way, the box takes up 90% less space than your average kit, which means you can keep even more handy on your shelves.

Call 800-253-0403 today and ask about EZ-Fit from AGS Company, the leader in aftermarket brake lines.

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