Why Stock the Competitor’s 65 Part Numbers?

Finally, a high-coverage/low part number oil drain plug program. The ACCUFIT® Oil Drain Plug Program reduces the needed inventory of part numbers by 80%, saving up to 75% on inventory costs – while still achieving the same vehicle application coverage. This means fewer part numbers to stock and much easier part selection. In addition, ACCUFIT® oil drain plugs have more features and are of a higher quality than any other OEM or aftermarket drain plug available.

Reduce inventory by 80% by using the ACCUFIT® 13 oil drain plugs that cover 93% of vehicles on the road!

Easy Install: Finger-grip wing for ease of installation. All plugs have 14mm hex – just one wrench works for all!
Hi-Temp Gasket: Red hi-temp nitrile rubber gasket for max sealing protection
Easy ID: Thread size etched on each plug.
Rust Protection: Black oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection.
Avoid Cross-Threading: Pilot-point tip to avoid crossthreading during installation.

Find Your Oil Drain Plug

Watch the video to see how our oil
drain plugs work with our wall rack.


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