AGS offers a variety of specialty lubricants and problem solvers for almost every aspect of a vehicles repair and maintenance. From lubricating door hinges, to silencing brake pad squeal, or mounting tire - there is probably an AGS product.


This product category is just as the name implies – a single-use application meant to perform one job and that’s it. No wasted product when just one application is all you need. These are mainly suited to automotive repairs and maintenance, like brake installation, tune-ups, and bulb installations. However, many of the products would be just as well suited to the home or industrial uses as well.


Specialty lubricants for many applications around the home or garage can also be found in the AGS product range. Door-Ease Stick Lubricant is perfect for sticking drawers and doors. Lock-Ease keeps all types of locks working like new. And for the garage, there’s Garage Door Grease and Garage Door Lubricant. Plus many more.


The AGS range of industrial lubricants is primarily larger and specialized applications of our home and automotive lubricants. Cut-Ease and Belt-Magic are large versions of our stick lubricant; perfect for industrial use.