Fluid Transfer Repair


Brake line replacement kits come with brake coils and fittings to make brake line replacement easy. Everything you need to produce the highest quality brake lines on the planet! Cut your labor times by 50%. Produce multiple lines with just one kit. Convenient and refillable.

Transmission/Oil Cooler

Take the hassle out of transmission/oil cooler line repair! Everything you need in one place to repair or replace cracked or leaking transmission/oil cooler lines quickly and easily. TRK-555 includes connectors, adapters, tube nuts, as well as the hose, clamps, and pliers in one convenient kit.

Air Conditioning

The KLEDGE-LOK and SPLICE-LOK A/C repair systems allows the professional or DIY mechanic to repair pinhole leaks and cracks in aluminum lines and A/C hose right on the vehicle instead of more expensive and time consuming replacement.


Quickly produce replacement fuel lines for virtually all vehicle applications! This complete kit contains all the connectors, compression unions, adapters, and nylon fuel line needed to make quick and cost-effective 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" replacement lines. Save time by having all components in one kit and not searching for any special tools to make the same quality nylon fuel lines used in new vehicles.

Oil Drain Plugs

AGS ACCUFIT® Oil Drain Plugs is a high-coverage/low-part number program that covers up to 93% of all vehicles on the road, including domestic, European, Japanese, British, and Korean models, while reducing inventory and associated costs by 80%. Reducing stocked part numbers to just 13 and the superior quality built-in features make ACCUFIT® your number one choice for oil drain plugs.

Copper Tubing

For use in many low pressure fluid and gas transfer system applications including air, fuel, water, and other chemicals – NOT brake lines. Forms, flares, flanges, and bends readily in difficult applications. Soft annealed seamless copper tubing. High fatigue and wear resistance. Permanent rust free surface.

Power Steering

Universal power steering line repair system allows many of the over 1,300 SKU’s to be repaired quickly and easily and avoid expensive, timeconsuming replacement.