Poly-Armour® has become the new standard in brake line replacement over the last several years. Surpassing all competitors as THE choice for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers when it comes to brake, fuel, and transmission line repair. Poly-Armour® is different from anything else on the market due to its PVF or Poly-Vinyl Fluorine coat. This coating is actually a highly durable 'plastic' coating that is 'baked and cured' to the line. This provides extra protection from corrosion, debris, and road surfacing solutions. It also offers superior bend-ability without kinking. That makes Poly-Armour® the easiest to work with line - period!

Underneath the PVF-coating is a double-wall, low carbon steel, copper brazed tubing which meets all international and U.S. requirements for brake tubing. The difference being that Poly-Armour® offers 30 times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel alone. PVF-coated lines are now the standard in many vehicles on the road today, including: Volkswagen/Audi, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes. Considered a premium line, Poly-Armour® should be used on any vehicle that will see any type of harsh environment including snow, road treatments, salt air, dirt/gravel, etc. When extending the life of the lines is important, Poly-Armour® should also be used, such as on commercial vehicles or when exact OEM replacement is required or desired.

• Poly-Armour® is 30x More Resistant to Corrosion
• DOT Approved for Hydraulic Brake Systems
• Bends Easier Than Standard Steel Tubing
• Available in Coils of 25'
• Finished Lines Available for Domestic & Import

Poly-Armour® lines and tubing meet the following specifications:
DIN 74234

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